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When a droplet falls through an air/water interface, a vortex ring can form and fall through the liquid. In this video, the researchers investigate the effects of a stratified fluid interface on this falling vortex ring. In this case, a less dense fluid sits atop a denser one. Depending on the density of the initial falling droplet and the distance it travels through the first fluid, the behavior and break-up of the vortex ring when it hits the denser fluid differs. Here four different behaviors are demonstrated, including bouncing and trapping of the vortex ring. (Video credit: R. Camassa et al.)

What you see above is a composite of images of an oil droplet falling into alcohol from two different heights. The top row of images is from a height of 25 mm and the bottom from a height of 50 mm. The first droplet forms an expanding vortex ring which breaks down via the Rayleigh-Taylor instability due to its greater density than the surrounding alcohol. The second droplet impacts the alcohol with greater momentum and is initially deformed by viscous shear forces. Eventually it, too, breaks down by the Rayleigh-Taylor mechanism. This image is part of the 2010 Gallery of Fluid Motion. # (PDF)